Gosh, I forgot where that is…

If Seriously is working for you as well as expected, you may become unable to remember where everything is. Search can help you with this. Simply tap the F key, to reveal the search bar at the top of the app. Type carefully a word or phrase, then tap the RETURN key. The map will disappear revealing a list of ideas containing a match to your search. Use the vertical arrows to move through this list. When the idea you want is selected, tap the RIGHT ARROW key. The map will reappear displaying your chosen idea as the focus.

Wait! I mistyped

Seriously helps you here by remembering your search request. Simply tap the F key, again, and then tap the RETURN key. The map will again disappear and the same list will be revealed.

Nothing in the list matches what I want

You can dismiss the list and search bar by tapping the ESCAPE key or by holding down the COMMAND key and tapping the F key or by tapping the LEFT arrow key.

You can tap the F or the TAB key to return to the search bar, with your search text highlighted, making it easy for you to type something else.


Search will not match partial words nor misspelled words. Sorry about that.