Thinking is hard for most of us. Our conscious thinking memory is limited. We forget important bits, get distracted by emotions, logic, and details. Mind map tools are promising, but I want more … a tool I can live inside:

  1. Completely empty your mind to a place you can review it & keep it organized
  2. Focus on a tiny set of related thoughts … like writing on a piece of paper
  3. Everything should be easy, the tool should work hard for you
  4. Do a lot using just the keyboard: add & edit, move ideas around, collapse & expand, search, establish or change focus
  5. Keep track of a lot, yet help you not feel lost or overwhelmed
  6. Compact easy-to-organize list of current favorites
  7. Extra features that come in handy: color, grouping, lines with titles, some preferences
  8. Do all this from your mac (and eventually iPhone and iPad), no fussing

Having achieved all of these goals but the last one, I’m keen to share it. Although I’ve hammered at it a lot, it could use some live testing by people like you. So, for now, it is free (perhaps it always will be, I am not making that commitment yet). If you care to say, I want to hear about your experiences while using it.