Organizing Your Ideas

Rather quickly your ideas become out of date, disordered or cluttered. Seriously makes reorganizing your ideas easy in several ways.


You can move an idea up, down, right and left by holding the OPTION key down and tapping the corresponding ARROW key. Moving it left makes it a sibling of its current parent. Moving it right makes it subordinate to the idea above it; or if there is no idea above, subordinate to the idea below.

You can also drag it by clicking-and-holding on the drag dot and moving the cursor. As the idea moves a phantom line and drag dot appear to indicate where it will be dropped when you release the mouse button. Seriously will not allow you to drag an idea subordinate to itself.


When you tap on the DELETE key, the selected idea or ideas will be removed. They are kept in the Trash. To see the Trash, hold down the CONTROL key and tap the DELETE key. If the selected idea or ideas is already in the Trash, deleting will remove them from the cloud. If you prefer to remove them immediately from the cloud (not place them in the Trash), hold down the CONTROL key and tap DELETE.

Sometimes you want to delete an idea but retain all its subordinate ideas. To do this, hold down the OPTION key and tap DELETE.


Seriously makes it easy for you to reorder the selected ideas or the subordinates of a single selected idea. To reverse them, tap the R key. To alphabetize them, tap the N key. To sort them according to text length, tap the M key.